“You can’t carry big loads on a bicycle”, Really?

“You can’t carry big loads on a bicycle”, Really?

"You can't carry big loads on a bicycle", Really?

This box wouldn’t easily if in back of a medium sized car, you certainly could get it on a bus, yet here it is on the back of a bicycle. The humble bicycle has all the advantages of car as personal transport, but without the negatives. OK so you wouldn’t want to play a game of dodge the bus when carrying a load like this, so without high quality infrastructure most people are going to try it.

Recently there have been calls for reduction of congestion, air and noise pollution in the City of Edinburgh, well here is a means of personal transport that requires little space, produces zero emissions and is almost silent. It should be a total no brainer to promote cycling as transport and give space to enable people to travel with the lowest impact on the city.

Just in case there is anyone who doesn’t understand how bicycles reduce congestion, here is an easy to understand image.

Space taken by  69 bicycles vs 60 cars
69 bicycles vs. 60 cars Photograph courtesy of Cycling Promotion Fund

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5 Responses to “You can’t carry big loads on a bicycle”, Really?

  1. I hope the new planned cycle route through Edinburgh gets the go ahead. It would really help with congestion in my opinion. Im a painter and decorator to trade and drive a white van but I do like to get out and about on my bike at the weekends albeit not so much on the roads due to the hazards of the new tram tracks through the city center. Is that your bike in the top picture? Cant believe that actually fits on it, looks superb!

  2. Not a problem! I will follow your blog on twitter as well. I know laid back bikes as I tend to do a lot of painting and decorating in the Marchmont area of Edinburgh, will need to pop in and check out the range of bikes. Thanks for the reply! Ross.

  3. Rachel M says:

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    I love seeing the sorts of things people carry on their bikes. I came across this image today which was taken in Edinburgh (I think!) on the Edinburgh Cycle Chic blog. I think it would be a struggle to get that load into a car but it seems to be almost effortlessly sitting on top of that bike.

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