We are, from time to time, asked questions about the site so we would put some of them here as FAQs.

Why so many pictures from The Meadows?

Well the simple answer is there are lots of cyclists riding across The Meadows, Middle Meadow Walk is probably the busiest cycle route in Edinburgh, so getting lots of pictures is easy. The Meadows are also free of motor traffic, so there are none of those annoying cars getting in the way…

In traffic

Why are there more pictures of females than males?

We don’t discriminate on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, or age, but we do discriminate on the grounds of style. While we do stretch the definition of “chic” there are limits!


We would love to have more pictures of stylishly dressed men, so come on guys, help us out!

Pinstripe suit

Why are there no pictures of people wearing helmets?

Why should there be? This site is about celebrating people riding bicycles in ordinary clothes as an ordinary means of transport. If you want to see pictures of cyclists wearing helmets and hi-visibility clothes, there are plenty of other sites, but that’s not us. We are NOT telling you what to wear, that is your personal choice and our choice is not to have these things. We respect your right to choose, please respect ours.

How do I get on to Edinburgh Cycle Chic?

Wear something stylish and ride a lot! It also helps if you don’t ride too fast, it makes it much easier to get a photograph. Oh and a smile is always welcome.

Do you use photos from other people?

We welcome photos from other people to the Edinburgh Cycle Chic photo pool. Pictures used on the site will remain the copyright of the photographer, who will be acknowledged, and all photos will be linked back to the source. If you don’t want to use Flickr, please contact us for other arrangements.

Have you any tips for taking Cycle Chic photographs?

Always have a camera to hand, Sod’s Law has it you always see the most stylish people riding bicycles when you don’t have a camera with you. Look for places with plenty of cyclists and not too much traffic to get in the way. Be sneaky and get you friends to pose for you, we won’t tell.

Are there any photos you would really like to have but haven’t got?

We would like to get a picture of the guy who rides a Pedersen around Edinburgh, he has been sighted several times, but none of us have managed to get a photo. Update: We now have several pictures of people riding Pedersens in Edinburgh (at least three of these bikes have been sighted in Edinburgh, including one with electric assist). We are always interested in new or unusual bikes, particularly cargo bikes, as this are signs of a growing cycling culture.

Can I join Edinburgh Cycle Chic?

Sure, just get in touch.

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  1. I think this is a marvellous idea.

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