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Welcome to cycle friendly Edinburgh

Welcome to cycle friendly Edinburgh, we hope that in the coming year Edinburgh City Council will make more of an effort to make the city truly cycle friendly and not give us a so called “Quality Bike Corridor” which is … Continue reading

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Quality Bike Corridor?

Another reminder, if any were needed, that Edinburgh need better quality cycle infrastructure. This is called a “Quality Bike Corridor”, it is not.

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Quality Bike Corridor?

For Christmas we would like to see a serious commitment to making out streets people friendly and not more rubbish like the so called Quality Bike Corridor

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Blue jacket

Bizarrely this road with a high volume of motor traffic, is called a “Quality Bike Corridor” by the City of Edinburgh Council. People ride on this street despite the road environment, not because of it!

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Taking home shopping

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Checked coat and boots

These photos were taken on the ironically named “Quality Bike Corridor”, it is of notably low quality.

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Black in blue

Riding the Quality Bike Corridor in Edinburgh

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