The family that rides together…

The family that rides together…
The family that rides together

It is great to see a family out for a Sunday ride, but at the same time it sad to see that the roads are not safe enough for them to truly ride together. In a civilised Country there would no need for two of them to ride on the footway as the roads would be safe enough for them all to ride on the road way. This is not a civilised Country, it is one where the lives of children are less important than the convenience of a number of selfish drivers, who have a casual disregard for the lives of others and where pedestrians and cyclists are pushed to one side to make way. This is why we need a champaign like Pedal on Parliament!

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2 Responses to The family that rides together…

  1. Disappointing to see private property stored publicly like that. That’s those cars I’m referring to. If people have nowhere to put them when not in use, then they shouldn’t insist on getting them in the first place.

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