Last week we posted a picture of Caroline on her trike under the title Cycling means freedom. Sadly we have just learned that her specially adapted disabled trike has been stolen from outside her house in Edinburgh. If anyone sees it please let the police know (dial 101 or contact Crime Stoppers) as Caroline would like it back, because it is her main means of transport.

Update: We have been told that a member of Caroline’s family has now offered to cover the cost of replacing Caroline’s trike so that she can once again enjoy the freedom of cycling.

Update: the latest news is the Caroline’s trike has been found in the Niddry area of the city, following police enquiries. Thank you to everyone who put the word out and looked for it. However, it has been badly damaged and may not be rideable, a full mechanical assessment will be carried out on Monday.

Update: Following the mechanical assessment, the trike was found to be beyond saving and had to be scrapped. Caroline has now ordered a new trike and we hope to be able at sometime in the future to bring you pictures of her on her new trike.

Cycling means freedom

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6 Responses to Stolen!

  1. That is so ridiculous! If I lived on that side of the ocean, I’d make it a personal mission to find her trike! Grrrrrrrr

  2. Alison says:

    What are we supposed to do if we spot the trike? No phone number given?

  3. lisa crawford says:

    I can see the numbers given!!! hope she gets it back soon, what a world we live in!

  4. What is needed to provide secure place for parking at Caroline’s house? Option s could include ‘breadbin’ lockable on-street units (2 per parking bay capacity up to 10 bikes). If she had a Motability car she’d automatically get free parking space for it – so half a parking space for parking the trike seems a fair deal, but for the dumb bureaucracy or rigged system to benefit car makers, that will pay for a car but not a cycle*.

    * Couple in miners cottage near Durham wanted to get Duet wheelchair bike, which could be parked in the back yard, but Motability refused and insisted only option was a car, that cost more to state, and to users, and which required rental of a garage, some distance from the house, as nowhere to park outside and limited options to stop and get disabled partner out and in to house, and then take car back to parking place.

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