There has been a cycle path here for about 20 years, but for no apparent reason this bollard has suddenly appeared on it. It is a hazard to people turning left off the road onto the path as it is hidden by the old police box (now painted red). So why?

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5 Responses to Why?

  1. You could sort of understand it being between the cycle side and the pedestrian side, but between the two lanes is a bit daft.

    I note you also have to turn back on yourself, hairpin style, to get onto the “right” side of the cycle path. I wouldn’t bother and make a safer turn onto the pedestrian side, frankly.

    • For those turning left off the road, they are more or less forced to ride wide on to the pedestrian side, as the bollard is in their line. Just look at where the drop kerb starts, it was already an awkward left turn to start with, not helped by being at a pinch point. Who ever designed this layout, clearly doesn’t ride a bicycle in this area.

  2. It is a bit unexpected. The Council should put a warning sign on the cycle path: “Dangerous bollard ahead – cyclists dismount”.

  3. Bollards are usually put in to stop larger vehicles from coming through. This doesn’t do that. Mystifying and dangerous.

  4. Of course, the dropped kerb should start well left of the bollard anyway to make the left turn easier!

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