Cycle friendly Edinburgh?

In much of Edinburgh there are wide roads totally given over to motor traffic. Yet Edinburgh claims to want to be a friendly city, if this is the case it is time there was space made for safe transport by bicycle on the City’s principal routes.

Cycle friendly Edinburgh?

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Cycle friendly Edinburgh?

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1 Response to Cycle friendly Edinburgh?

  1. It saddens me when I see people driving what will at best be a few miles to their destinations, just because they’ve ultimately been tricked into believing they can’t life without one. It’s all nonsense.

    How much more pleasant would our towns and cities be if they weren’t blighted by throngs of motor vehicles with their noisy, polluting engines? How busier would shops be if on-street parking spaces were replaced with wider more pavements, complete with attractive planters, etc. Our town & country planners really are an unimaginative bunch of motor industry panderers.


    (PS. In that first photo, the cyclist clearly isn’t getting enough wobble room from the passing car. Typical.)

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