Riding Lothian Road, Edinburgh

Lothian Road in the centre of Edinburgh, is a hostile environment for people not inside metal cages, but despite this there are those for ride there:

Riding Lothian Road

Riding Lothian Road

There is obviously a desire to be able to access the business alone Lothian Road by bicycle as can be witnessed by the number of bikes parked there…

Bike parking

… so it is deeply sad that there are no plans to make this road in the centre of the city more people friendly!

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2 Responses to Riding Lothian Road, Edinburgh

  1. When I cycled to Filmhouse earlier this year, I was almost hit by a taxi making an unexpected U-turn (driver didn’t stop to see if I was ok). I always found Lothian Road extremely unpleasant: cars too fast, impatient lorry drivers behind me, parked cars on bus lane, impossible to turn right with so many lanes to cross, etc. Also there is no bike parking at Filmhouse or any of the shops. Unfortunately, I can’t get to Filmhouse and the Farmers Market without cycling along Lothian Road. Buses are not an option as very few connect to the Nicolson Street corridor, so it’s impossible to get home from Filmhouse late evenings and sundays by bus.
    Although I really like Filmhouse, I mostly stopped going there as it’s just too difficult to get there. Same for Farmers’ Market.
    It seems to me that it would not be difficult to make some parts of Lothian Road and Earl Grey Street much more pedestrian and cycle friendly at quite low cost. The road is far too wide for car traffic, there is really no need to have 2-3 lanes in each direction.

  2. I just came accross this report from 5 years ago – suggesting that the lack of cycling infrastructure in Lothian Road is a deliberate council decision: “SOME of the Capital’s most dangerous roads for cyclists have been laid bare in a new map of accident hot spots. (…) Among the worst spots for accidents were Lothian Road (…) But council chiefs said although they were committed to improving cycling facilities in the city, bike lanes on Lothian Road would increase traffic congestion too much.”
    That was September 2008. Five years that could have been used to improve the situation but weren’t…

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