Bike art

Here at Edinburgh Cycle Chic we are fans of anything that encourages people to think of the bicycles as “both beautiful and practical, not to mention fun, health giving, and sensuous”. With this aim in mind film maker and artist Mike Rubbo has started a new bike art web site to encourage people to just that, with pictures like these:

bike art

bike art

bike art

We hope you enjoy it.

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1 Response to Bike art

  1. mike rubbo says:

    Thanks for posting news of my bike art web site. I’m intrigued by the three you chose to reproduce. I wonder if they’d be everyone;s favorites.

    By the way, I love to get photos that are inspirational. I came by chance on a charming acrobatic rider, Serge Huerclo on youtube and did some pictures based on his amazing postures. We have have started a coorespondence as a result and I’m sending him prints. You can see him under, circus art, on the site.

    So if readers have inspirational photos, I’m interested. I might get inspired. Cheers, Mike rubbo

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